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The Clint Barrett Memorial South Central Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey Project brings together local youth and adults to document Michigan's traditional barn structures. We want to increase youth awareness of the rich agricultural history of the area and preserve it for generations to come.


Seeking Partners:

Barrett Insurance needs your help. If you can drive around, commit to survey a one square mile area from the comfort of your vehicle, and complete our specially designed ‘windshield survey’, then give us a call at 517-849-1000.

Our windshield survey allows us to documents barns and farmsteads without entering private property. You can help preserve these currently undocumented treasures and the legacy of our area by participating in our survey. Barrett Insurance is working with the Michigan Barn Preservation Network and Michigan State University. This survey will be available at the Michigan State University Museum. 

By doing so, you will:

  • Help us raise awareness about our agricultural heritage.
  • Permanently preserve our agricultural heritage at Michigan State University Museum.
  • Educate others for years to come about the importance of historical, architectural, and local preservation.

For more information about Clint Barrett Memorial South Central Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey Project, call us today at 517-849-1000.