Clint Barrett Memorial 

South Central Michigan Barn
& Farmstead Survey Project

The Clint Barrett Memorial South Central Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey Project brings together local youth and adults to document Michigan's traditional barn structures. We want to increase youth awareness of the rich agricultural history of the area and preserve it for generations to come.

Barrett Insurance is working on this survey in conjunction with the Michigan Barn Preservation Network and Michigan State University. The survey will be available at the Michigan State University Museum.   

If you would like to get involved with the Clint Barrett Memorial South Central Michigan Barn and Farmstead Survey Project, call us at (517) 849-1000.

Student of the Week

Award of Excellence


Congratulations to this week's Barrett Insurance Student of the Week Award of Excellence recipient, Brandon Jagielski!

Brandon is a senior at Waldron High School. He participates in football and basketball. Brandon also learns welding at the Hillsdale Area Career Center.
According to Waldron High School Dean of Students and PE teacher, Mr. Gifford, "Brandon put himself in quite the hole to start the school year both personally and professionally due to the trials and tribulations of being a young person in this world. [Others] might have taken those adversities and ran from them. But Brandon got refocused and redetermined to mend those fences both personally and professionally. He has battled his way back over the last semester so much that he was honored with the “Senior of the Year” Award for his welding class by his instructor. We at Waldron Area Schools are very proud of his response to a tough time." Brandon plans to become a traveling welder for JAG following graduation.
Congratulations, Brandon!

Keep up your great work.

Camden-Frontier, Jonesville, Hillsdale, Hillsdale Preparatory, School, Litchfield, North Adams-Jerome, Pittsford, Reading, Waldron, Will Carleton Academy

(in alphabetical order by first name)

Adrianna Aemisegger, Alexis Higgins, Allyson Rubley,  
Alyssa Forbes, Alyssa Phillips, Angelee Coleman, Ashley Stead, Ashley Terpening, Blaine Randall, Brandon Jagielski, Breanna Hardin, Caleb Brink, Carter Riley, Cecilia Mende, Ciara Smalls, Dale Wagner, Gabe Healy, Georgia McDowell, Grace Gadwood, Grace Ollinger, Gracie Cook, Gracie Lamb, Hanna Korn, Hayley Sims, Hunter Rubley, Jacob Hart, Jacob Scoville, Jay Close, Jena Fellabaum, Joey Weidmayer, John Nolan, Josh Marsh, Julia Haire, Justice Geletzke, Kaleb Michael, Kaleb Voisin, Kamren Johnson, Katie Brown, Kayla Kane, Keagan Gimenez, Kendal Cooney, Khyra Hickey, Kimball Hughes, Kristen Miller, Lige McKinney, Mackenzie Webb, Makayla Percy, Marshall Mapes, Maxim Hayes, Michael Jonas, Michael Rhoades, Olivia Bambacht, Owen Webb, Rachel Mitchell, Randal McDowel, Rebecca Butters, Ryan Reiniche, Thomas Hull, Timothy Hardway, Zach WIlson

At Barrett Insurance we believe in the importance of education. To show our commitment, we developed the Barrett Insurance "Student of the Week Award of Excellence" to honor our local students. We continue to highlight select students from around the region to showcase their scholastic acumen and impressive achievements.

Each Friday, we take the time to post our award recipients on social media. Be sure to pay close attention to our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. We also feature award recipients on WCSR, Fridays and during Detroit Tigers games.

Local schools choose recipients of the Barrett Insurance Student of the Week Award of Excellence for various reasons. Some schools choose to highlight students based on more traditional indicators like academic and athletic prowess. Some schools recognize students who otherwise contribute to their school’s unique and robust culture. Great classmate, hard worker, positive attitude – school administrators often use these merits to select which students to highlight with our award. 

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