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February Quotes

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."  

-- Audrey Hepburn 

"True love is singing Karaoke 'Under Pressure' and letting the other person sing the Freddy Mercury part."  

-- Mindy Kaling

"Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it."  

-- George Carlin

February Funnies

Valentine's Day is a day when a lot of people are reminded how bad of a shot Cupid was. 

When you are with the right person, every day is Valentine's Day! 

The Key to Stopping Auto Theft? Securing Your FOB. 


That amazing keyless fob that lets you unlock you car and start it with a push of a button can also pose a risk. Crooks can find the signal it constantly sends and relay it from your home and through an amplifying device to open and operate your car.

To protect your vehicle, store your fob in a signal-blocking container: a steel box; a commercially sold Faraday bag, which blocks radio frequency signals; or even the fridge. Another option: When your fob is not in use, wrap it in aluminum foil.

Did You or Someone You know Get a Ring This Valentine’s Day?


Follow these 4 easy steps whenever you give/receive an extravagant, romantic gift:

1. Contact us immediately:

    Phone: (517) 849-1000 or E-mail: insure@barrettins.com

2. Send us a copy of the store receipt. 

3. If you received an heirloom piece, have it appraised and send a copy of the appraisal to us. 

4. Add the item to your home inventory using the free Barrett Insurance Home Tracker Tool.

Polar-Bear Plunge: Crazy? Rejuvenating? Both?


You’ve seen these people on the news or in your local paper. Maybe you’ve seen them in person at a local tip-up. Maybe you’re even one of these people.

Who are they? And why are they jumping into a freezing body of water?

The origin of the polar bear plunge, as these events are often called, isn’t entirely clear. What is clear is that it happens worldwide. Russians and Scandinavians were doing it before it even had a name.

In the U.S., there are events across the country, particularly on New Year’s Day. In Boston, members of the L Street Brownies have been dipping on New Year’s Day since the early 1900s. And the Coney Island Polar Bear Club in New York has been around about as long. But members don’t just swim in the Atlantic Ocean on the first day of the year. They swim every Sunday from November through April.

The largest American plunge is the Maryland State Police Polar Bear Plunge, also known as “Plungefest.” The event, which draws more than 10,000 annually and raises money for the Special Olympics, takes place in January, February or even March.

As for why they do it, some say taking a dip in frigid water is rejuvenating. In addition, participants say the plunge increases energy and decreases stress.

Experts in the medical community, however, aren’t completely on board. While healthy people feel discomfort for about 30 seconds, the shock of the cold water is a real risk for others, particularly for those with heart disease or other health issues.

So, if you’re considering taking the plunge, just ask your doctor first. We here at Barrett Insurance will applaud you, even if we think you’re just a little bit, well, crazy!

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